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"We make rebellious, exciting pictures that buck the system and go against the mainstream. I always make money‚ any project I do, and each one and the adventure inherent becomes more exciting and more refined than the last."

I've been scammed, duped, worked over, and even had an accredited talent agency steal commissions from paychecks they weren't entitled to—and through it all, I managed to carve out a decent profession in the industry.

During my time working and studying under John Kirby, I read hundreds of plays, novels, every piece of acting literature out there. And each book had an interesting, valuable point of view. It then occurred to me that acting is a lot like exercising—everyone is built different. Some run marathons, some power lift, some do a mixture of both. The individual must find what works best for them, and they can only do that through research, first-hand experience, and a little guidance. By performing every week, it gave me the confidence in the audition room—one of the most anti-creative processes. And it gave me the confidence on set—a medium with hundreds of moving parts where time is money—to deliver a solid performance and hold my own against some the most widely recognized talent in the world.



public relations

After spending 10 years in the corporate financial world, Mary Bierds re-routed her career towards a passion of creativity. She has over 4 years of providing social media services and graphics as well as videography for small business owners. She's always had a heart for writing and after creating articles and press releases for a local newspaper as well as multiple Rockwall County non-profits, she is rolling out her first childrens picture book series, Santa’s Pigeon Pals, this year.