The Adult Class

"You have to be willing to fail, to put yourself out there."

                                                                                                    —Brett Edwards



You will use the script and work through the scene with Brett, using minimal business and movement. Focused on the through-line of the scene and character development.


Trial by fire. You will put what you learned to use, performing the scene as if it were the first show. You'll be required have your lines memorized, a general idea of how the set should look, and be in wardrobe to a reasonable to degree. Following the scene, you'll sit and discuss the scene with Brett on how the piece can grow.


The final show. You'll perform the scene once more, putting the adjustments and new enlightenments from your rehearsals all together. Following the scene, you'll discuss how the scene grew, how you've improved, then sign up for a new scene.

The Actors Study will pair scene partners and issue a new scene every three weeks, using some of the greatest pieces of dramatic writing available. Actors are expected to rehearse outside of class, and every week you will get to be on stage doing the work.


Please note: Scenes will most likely run 10-30 minutes. Also, if a hard copy of the play cannot be purchased by the actor in a reasonable amount of time, a .pdf will be offered by the studio. Maximum of 20 students per class. For actors 18 and over. 

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