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I've been scammed, duped, worked over, and even had an accredited talent agency steal commissions from paychecks they weren't entitled to—and through it all, I managed to carve out a decent profession and earn the rank of "working" actor.

No amount of networking can get you a gig. At the end of the day, if you're not good at what you do, no one will hire you. I've designed The Actors Study to enable anyone and everyone the opportunity to become a good actor—an often overused and undervalued term.

"By the law of averages, if you're halfway decent at whatever you do, you can expect to earn a living within five to ten years."

During my time working and studying under John Kirby, I read hundreds of plays, novels, every piece of acting literature out there. And each book had an interesting, valuable point of view. It then occurred to me that acting is a lot like exercising—everyone is built different. Some run marathons, some power lift, some do a mixture of both. The individual must find what works best for them, and they can only do that through research, first-hand experience, and a little guidance. By performing every week, I grew as an actor in totality. It gave me the confidence in the audition room—one of the most anti-creative processes I've ever been involved in. And it gave me the confidence on set—a medium with hundreds of moving parts where time is money—to deliver a solid performance and hold my own against some the most widely recognized talent in the world.

Below is some of my film and television work, not including the many nights I spent doing performances on theater row in Los Angeles. But as Sean Astin once told us in John Kirby's class:

"My best work wasn't on Lord of the Rings or Rudy, it was done right here in class every Wednesday night."

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